Our added-value 
to serve your specific needs 

Beauseigneur's know-how and premises offer added value servicing for dilutions of salts or specific base chemicals, customized per your needs. Our lab is equiped with relevant instruments to accurately measure density of basic mixing (acids & bases dilutions) or elaborated (mixing several solvents), and water content through Karl Fisher analysis.

Beauseigneur's expertise is a must-have to avoid any harmful and dreadful accidents when handling chemicals. Personalized dilution in all desired concentration is a core strength of our activity.

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Precision and respect
to your specifications

We can apply our know-how and our facilities to the dilution and solution of salts or specific mixtures of basic chemicals to your specifications.


Our equipment
at your service

We have a laboratory equipped with the instruments needed for precise density measurement of simple mixtures (e.g. dilution of acid or base) or elaborate mixtures (e.g. mixture of several solvents), as well as determination of product water content (Karl Fisher).

Personalized support
to your every need


Dilution is a process enabling to reduce the concentration of a solution, achieved by adding a quantity of solvent to the main solution. The solvent can be a different type of chemical, or even water depending on the desired result.