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Storing chemicals can be a headache, and even threatening when conditions are not adequate. Among others, venting, temperature variations, split of uncompatible products, are some mitigating options to avoid fire or explosion risks. As presence of several chemical types can enhance those threats, choosing the right storage procedure is crucial.

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Reliable service and HACCP compliance

Beauseigneur applies the full set of storage standards and solutions for chemicals, such as the seven-principled HACCP method. Analyzing dangers, setting critical treshold(s), implementing surveillance system to determine and apply corrective actions, to end with buildng a dossier where all established procedures are located. Our high-level storage and available resources allow us to supply you anytime.


Personalized storage solutions

Our premises are adapted to proper storage and packing of your products used in food and pharma industries. They enable to secure supplies and manage unpredictable events. Whether it is for minerals : acids, bases, waste water treatment solutions, hydrogen peroxyde, … or organic products : inflammable solvents, chlorated solvents, others organic solvents, … Or packed dry products, our tailor-made storage solution are designed to fullfill any requirement you may have.

Personalized support
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Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, known as HACCP, has been created in the 1960s for the NASA, in order to guarantee the astronaut's food safety.

The tool helps identifying processing hazards by applying 7 priciples through a 12 steps review journey.

Each step of the operating way is in scope, to reach production mastery and guarantee that food products are safe for consumption.