Our priority : finding the most suitable
product to your requirements

Nowadays, the number of suppliers keep increasing. Accessible just fingertips away from the World, this multiplicity of sources offer a wider product range, not without consequences for buyers. With more and more complex regulations, sourcing can quickly become a risky and time-consuming headache.

As our primary target is to support and accompany you, Beauseigneur is activating its dense network of experimented professionals, in order to source the best product fit for your needs, at the best price, available in the shortest lead time possible.

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Worldwide suppliers network

Not easy to know who to ask for raw materials supply. Supplier choice is crucial as they will be te gatekeeper of quality and servicing of your products. To make sure your company remains perennial, this choice shouldn't be taken lightly.

And we're here to help you ! Since 1932, we manage close and trustworthy relationships with our partners, producers, distributors, over France, Europe and abroad.
Furthermore, we can secure your supplies thanks to our efficient logistics and significant storage capacities.


Chemical engineers and technicians to serve you

Our aim is to find the right material to fulfill your needs. Food grade, Pharma grade, drinking water compliant, we have a whole range to offer.

To meet your expectations, our experienced chemical engineers and technicians collaborate hands-in-hands with you to find the most suitable product for your process and requirements, whilst making sure to deliver in the best lead time possible.

Certified ISO 9001, 14001 (v.15), 45001 (v.18) as well as SQAS ESAD II, we commit ourselves to the highest quality service for our ustomers.

Tailor-made solutions to your requests

Over 40 items and various qualities to manage, I choosed Beauseigneur solutions!

"As a newly hired buyer during the current energy crisis and the Ukraine-Russia conflit, we couldn't access products ! Beauseigneur had all references on stock, so we could keep operating.

Currently, I gain time and peace-of-mind with a single order with all items!"