Easy an stress-free 
inventory management

Do you have dozens of different products to order? Uncertain lead times and lack of visibility? Constantly having to ring your carriers ?

Management of force majeures, shortage of materials, multiplicity of references are some of the key burdens to any buyer in charge of chemicals supply. Our supply chain team is well-designed to solve those issues you may face.

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Beauseigneur : the obvious choice for serenity, at the best price!

Our wide range of chemicals allow to centralize all your chemical orders. Raw materials, surface treatment products, cleaning or water treatment agents, ... Beauseigneur is your one-stop one-stop shop. With Beauseigneur's supply management, waive goodbye to dozens of orders to multiple companies.

But that's not all! Thanks to our large purchasing quantities, you also benefit from real unit-cost optimization, with fast delivery premium service (48 to 72 hours).

With Beauseigneur, it gets easier.



State-of-the-art premises for simplified processes

At Beauseigneur, our state-of-the-art facility guarantees high availability of all your chemical products. Equipped with sensors, our storage tanks allow immediate ordering upon reach of low-level threshold, and avoid stock-out situation. In case of of a breakdown, our on-site teams act quickly to relaunch operating in short time.

Our 100% turnkey management system saves you precious time, guarantees stock levels, and provides peace-of-mind in managing supplies.