Our training center
at your employees' service

Training your staff in the use of chemicals is an integral part of your employer's obligations. Indeed, you are responsible for preventing the risks associated with handling substances. Providing employees with information on the chemical risks associated with their workstations gives them the means to control their environment.
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Train your teams in the field of chemicals 

Handling and using chemicals is an integral part of our business. That's why, as a registered training center, we can provide your staff with the necessary and sufficient training in workplace safety, the environment and product knowledge, as well as in handling, labeling, drawing up safety data sheets, etc...


Qualifying training courses, for students and professionals

Thanks to our expertise, we provide courses in quality, safety and environment at schools, covering standards and handling. At the end of each course, you will receive a certificate attesting to your skills. 

In order to extend our knowledge, we can travel throughout France, offering students the opportunity to learn about chemical desensitization, as well as acquiring our know-how on their use.