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As a high quality chemicals value-added distribution partner, we supply a wide variety of professionals accross France and Europe. Besides our commodities and specialities distribution activity, our forward-looking chemistry vision, and also of the surrounding services, allow us to position ourselves as a privilege partner of many companies. Nowadays, we pursue a continuous improvement approach as well as constantly investigating innovative processes.

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Our target : combine the use of crucial chemicals to our society, safety, and respect of the environment.

Jean-Paul SAUGIER, President


An ongoing family story of 90 years

Since its creation, our family company has been carried by women and men of conviction, ahead of their times. Here are the historical milestones which left a mark in our history, and forged our values.
The facilities get automatized !
Since 2018, we developped a digital innovation and transformation program : our facilities are automatized to best serve the future needs of our customers.
The company expands and relocates in Froidefontaine 
After transitioning from Châtenois-les-Forges and Danjoutin, the company is now welcomed in another Belfort-territory town : Froidefontaine, on a vast land and ideally located, the Beauseigneur establishments are developping their activities for more than 20 years.
The 3rd generation takes over the company
After several years working in the company and proudly carrying its values, Jean-Paul and Françoise SAUGIER succeed to their elders. Always ahead of their times, they prepared numerous projects which would seal the history of the Beauseigneur establishments.
Huguette BEAUSEIGNEUR and Louis SAUGIER take the reigns of the company.
Huguette BEAUSEIGNEUR, daughter of Joseph and Angèle, takes the reigns of the company. Aged of 20 years only, she is supported by her husband who took an active part in developping the company.
camp carré.png
The founder passed away in Gross Rosen death camp
As per World War 2 consequences, the Danjoutin plant is bombed, and then fortunately rebuilt. During this time, a drama occured on the family : Joseph BEAUSEIGNEUR is deported to a death camp in Poland, where he will pass away a few months later.
Danjoutain carré.png
The company expands and locates in Danjoutin
The Beauseigneur establishments leave Châtenois-les-Forges to settle a few kilometers farther, in Danjoutin. The premises of this old dyeing company are bigger and offering potential to the company's growth.
Joseph Beauseigneur carré.png
Creation of the company by Joseph BEAUSEIGNEUR
Born in 1903, Joseph BEAUSEIGNEUR founds the names company, in his hometown of Châtenois-les-Forges.